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稍微用了一下Google Wave。目前主要觉得有两点:

1) 分布式数据结构。别人和你分享一个Wave,你看到的是一个本地副本。你可以删除这个Wave,但不会影响其它参与者的版本。相反你更新这个Wave,所有的参与者都会得到更新。你删除这个Wave后,该Wave更新,你会得到更新后的版本。



2) 双向性。在gmail里看一封email,或者在Google Reader里看一篇网志,都是单向内容,不能对来源再发生影响。对本地的Wave修改内容可以被反向传递。那个发送邀请的Wave就是一个例子。所谓的发送邀请,实际就是修改本地的一个Wave,而不是通过任何的http form传递数据。这一点还有待进一步观察。


I submitted this entry to Yahoo Time Capsule about 2nd Chinese Blogger Conference last night, and it has been accepted.

I played with Yahoo Time Capsule for an hour last night. This is a great idea to study humanity and lives on this planet.

Currenly my entry is the only one tagged with cnbloggercon. There’re 4 days left before it closes. Hurry up if you have anything to submit.

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Not sure if this OPML blog is written by CELL (Liu Peng). I met Cell on 2nd Chinese Blogger Conference. We talked a little bit about his startup OPML.cn. (Read my blog of the conference.)

This service has been online for one year. Basically it provides online OPML file viewing and editing. OPML is used widely for sharing RSS reading list. Actually it can be used for sharing any resources, like this OPML presentation.

I learned the importance of OPML when I was playing with Dave Winer’s OPML Editor. But there’s still no killer application for OPML yet. That’s the reason why service like OPML.cn still not widely adopted.

Chinese Blogger Conference is giving away limited number of Firefox Tshirt. To win the tshirt, you have to write a blog post about the new release of Firefox 2.0 and its new features, then trackback to the original post.

To be honest, I haven’t installed Firefox 2.0 yet. Based on my experience, if I install the latest builds of Firefox today, all my extensions will stop work. I cannot live without some of them, like del.icio.us extension. Compared with an unfunctional new browser, I would rather spend more days with my long used old one.

But I have read all kinds of reviews of the new version before it’s officially launched. I really look forward to the new version. I took a look at the release notes again. Following features are the most wanted, although security improvements are important for sure.

  1. Resuming your browsing session.

    If it has been implemented in previous version, it would have saved my life for many times. Just imagine how sad it is when your browser crashed with 10 unread tabs open. I really look forward to this feature, and I hope it works like it’s said in the release notes.

  2. Inline spell checking.

    I don’t know if this is a must have feature, but it’s true that sometimes I wrote long paragraph in Word or OneNote first to check my spells. Not sure online or offline dictionary this feature uses. If it’s fast and simple, this is definitely useful.

  3. Client-side session and persistent storage

    I haven’t read though the specification yet. This is not related closely to normal users. But I suppose this feature will improve performance of web applications like Gmail.

Read all the new features at the release notes. I bet most of the users don’t read this carefully. And probably they don’t have a clear vision why they should upgrade to the new version.

Yesterday, I finally upgrade this site to Wordpress 2.0.4. This is not for any other new feature, but Akismet, the anti-spam plugin for Wordpress. Less than 24 hours, it has blocked 20 spams for me. Very good job!

The upgrading is definitely smooth. I upgrade from 1.5 to 2.0.4 by just following the instructions in the readme file. All my settings are reserved without problem including the theme.

Only one place you need to chance. I have deleted some code in the dashboard which will try to load rss from Technorati, since it is not working in China. Otherwise you dashboard won’t load properly.

I took some break yesterday and attended Mobile Monday Shanghai. I have put the report on CWR.

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